Top 10 Anime Studios & Their Best Anime

10. White Fox's Steins;Gate Deals With A Self-Proclaimed Mad Scientist

9. Studio MAPPA's Attack On Titan Portrays The True Anti-Hero

8. Ufotable's Demon Slayer Offers Seemingly Budget-less Animation

7. Wit Studio's Vinland Saga Delivers Quality Animation

6. Studio Pierrot's Naruto Is A Shonen Giant Worthy Of Its Name

5. Toei Animation's One Piece Is One Of The Longest Running Big Three Anime

4. Science SARU's The Tatami Galaxy Explores Boundless Creativity

3. Production I.G's Haikyuu Is The Most Popular Sports Anime Of This Generation

2. Studio Shaft's Monogatari Has An Exceptional Sense Of Momentum

1. Sunrise Studio's Code Geass Showcases Its Creators' Action Prowess