The 10 Most Beautiful Coins In The World

5. South Peru 8 Reales (38mm, 27.07g)

The Republic of South Peru was part of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation.

4. United Kingdom “Godless” Florin (28mm, 11.31g)

In 1849 the United Kingdom introduced the Florin

3. Japan 20 Yen (35.06mm, 33.33g)

The Meji era brought great change to Japan, including their monetary system.

2. 1Basel 1 Thaler (42mm 25.75g)

Basel is a canton at the very northern tip of Switzerland. The canton of Basel was founded in 1501 after joining the Old Swiss Confederacy.

1. Central American Republic 8 Reales (38mm, 27.07g)

Legends read “LIBRE CRESCA FECUNDO” or “Free Grows Fertile”