10 Oldest Coins that Ever Existed in the World

Although modern society is moving away from using physical currency, coinage has been used by people for thousands of years.

The first coins were developed around the 7th century in Iron Age Anatolia (specifically Lydia), China, India, and Ancient Greece.

Several examples of these early coins have survived and belong to private collectors or various museums around the world.

7. Hallaton Silver Coin Year Created: c.211 BCE Country of Origin:  Rome, Italy (found in Hallaton, England) Metal(s) Used:  Silver

6. Persian Daric Year Created: c.520 – 480 BCE Country of Origin:  Achaemenid Persian Empire, Western Asia Metal(s) Used:  Gold

5. Aegina Sea Turtle Year Created: c.550 BCE Country of Origin:  Island of Aegina, Greece Metal(s) Used:  Silver

4. Karshapana Year Created: c.600 BCE Country of Origin:  India Metal(s) Used:  Silver

3. Ying Yuan Year Created: c.600 – 500 BCE Country of Origin:  China Metal(s) Used:  Gold

2. Ionian Hemiobols Year Created: c. 600 – 550 BCE Country of Origin:  City of Cyme in ancient Ionia (modern-day central coast of Turkey Metal(s) Used:  Silver

1. Lydian Lion Year Created: c.610 – 600 BCE Country of Origin:  The Kingdom of Lydia (modern-day western Turkey) Metal(s) Used:  Electrum – alloy of gold and silver