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Top 10 Bhangra Classes in Brampton

Why Bhangra Classes in Brampton? Why does it need to look for? The most prestigious dance form in the Indian state of Punjab. As India is diverse and rich in every perspective, every state has its own culture and traditions that make them different. Just like Gidha (girls’ dance) and Bhangra (boys’ dance) are famous in Punjab now in other countries, their festivals and traditions don’t match the culture of other states of India. The reasons for its popularity are the formation of this dance form and the number of Punjabi people in different countries.

Nowadays, half of Punjab live in other countries, as Canada’s Sikhs population in Brampton is 163,260, as reported in the census of 2021, and many students visit per year on study visas in Canada. So, what’s the point of telling this, when people start to live away from their hometown, they always find a way to keep in touch with the tradition and the culture that they leave behind. That’s the reason for the popularity of Bhangra classes in Brampton and also become one of the reasons for the happiness of Punjabi people there.

Bhangra Classes in Brampton

Bhangra Classes

Not only Punjabi people but the original Canadians also love the Bhangra. It was performed on the occasion of Baisakhi by Punjabis the festive that is celebrated the first harvest of the crop but now it’s different. In every happiness, people love to do the Bhangra now it’s not just a happy thing but has also become a way of competing with others as a lot of competitions are held for Bhangra. It’s performed on dhol, boliyan, and on-beat music. It’s fun to do this. Now let’s share the list of Bhangra classes in Brampton.

1) Shaan Punjab Dee

Shaan Punjab dee provides Bhangra classes in Brampton, established in 2012. Their goal is to preserve the Punjabi culture and educate everyone through various art forms. They want to connect many people with them with Bhangra, Gidha, and Dhol and take Punjabi culture to greater heights. They also take bookings for weddings and corporate events of bhangra and show the talent at different paces. People of all ages can learn the Bhangra from beginners to advance. They also win different awards, and they also offer online classes. (shaanpunjabdee) this is their Instagram handle on which 40.9 k followers are there so you can review their dance from it.

To learn dance from Shaan Punjab Dee, visit this address: 15 Fisherman Drive Unit# 27-28, ON L7A 1B7 (Brampton)

Phone: +1 647-204-6481

2) Nachdi Jawani

Nachdi Jawani provides Bhangra classes in Brampton to every age group along the Giddha, Dhol, and Bollywood dance they establish this amazing academy in 2000. They specialize in Punjabi flok dance and won multiple awards with 2 Guinness World Records. Their professional team also takes bookings for events. Their objective is to create an environment where everyone desires to keep traditional roots new and in connection with modern culture. You can review their dance from the Instagram handle (nachdijawani) on which 6680 people follow them.

To learn dance visit the address: 38 Regan Rd, ON L7A 1C6 (Brampton)

Phone: +1 905-793-1000

3) Bhangra Fitness

Bhangra Fitness was established in 2019 by Kamal Sandhu and Daljit Singh Heer. They offer the world-famous folk dance Bhangra in which their students grow mentally and physically. They teach every student the essentials of Bhangra up to intermediate and developed levels while concentrating on making their self-confidence. They also offer Bhangra classes in Brampton on weekdays/weekends and live performances at booked events. You can also review their dance performances from their Instagram handle (Bhangra. fitness).

For more details, you can contact them at this address: 8 Automatic Rd A1, ON L6S 5N4 (Brampton)

Phone: +1 647-546-0757

4) Waris Virse De Dance Classes

One of the best Bhangra classes in Brampton is Waris Virse De teaches Punjabi folk dances to the next generation and keeps ethnic Punjabi culture and heritage alive to age groups. The environment of Waris Virse De Dance is cordial and welcoming, and they youtube and install channels from where you can get an idea of what type of energy they build in their students. The instructors know other Hindi and English languages to communicate, and they offer teaching and performance at the client’s place at their place. They present their talented dancers of Bhangra, Giddha, Ludi, Malwai Giddha, and Jhoomer at some productions like Folk Orchestra and comedy Drama. You can review their dance at their Instagram handle (warisvirsede).

For more details of this academy and also related to the prize, you can visit there at Address: 38 Regan Rd Unit 2, ON L7A 1A7 (Brampton)

Phone: +1 647-994-4007

5) PBC Bhangra Academy

If you want to join the best Bhangra classes in Brampton, visit PBC Bhangra academy. They offer lessons from essential steps to modern developed Bhangra, and for newcomers, they make sure to excel their base from the zero level. For a review of their dance, you can visit their Instagram handle (nachde_punjabi) to look at the fantastic videos. They also organized some events that are posted on its social sites. Their experience staff is too good, and Inderjit Kang a Bhangra instructor at PBC Bhangra, got many fans.

For more details, you can visit this address: 965 Bovaird Dr. W, ON L6X 0G3 (Brampton)

Phone: +1 647-500-6213

6) DanceShala

One of the best Bhangra classes in Brampton is DaneShala. DanceShala was established in 2013 to furnish an integrated venue for imparting wisdom in Indian dance and classical music, they restrained its offerings to concentrate on the dance element. In just a short span they become the premier but not in terms of profits but in the professionalism of dance. If you want different dance forms of Indian culture at Brampton then this place is for you they offer learning from kathak and Bharatanatyam to Bollywood, Bhangra, hip-hop, and contemporary styles and help you to show your creativity. For review go to their Instagram handle (thedanceshalaa).

For other queries and information, you can contact them at this address: 5 Brisdale Dr #204, ON L7A 2Y7 ( Brampton)

Phone: 416-457-3528


Whether a solo or dance group of Bhangra it always shines as diamonds in every competition and lots of people love their Punjabi costumes too. Bhangra classes are not just for fun or competition, these are highly energetic and upbeat moves are performed, and even a little beat is kept in mind while dancing. It includes a steady rhythmic move and we can also make it an aerobic workout for your body and helps tone your arms, hips, and leg muscles. These are benefits of Bhangra are major attractions, and performing Bhangra takes lots of energy. All these classes mentioned above in the list of Bhangra classes in Brampton are started by Punjabi and some of them win major awards at different competitions. Wants to learn or want your child to be keep-in-touch with the Punjabi culture then make sure to take part in any of the above the list is based on my research you can also choose which you like. For more interesting topics you can visit our page and also don’t forget to share your thoughts on this topic and also express your feelings about Punjabi culture and different cultures of India.
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