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10 Best Punjabi Restaurants in the United States

Best Punjabi Restaurants

Best Punjabi Restaurants

10 Best Punjabi Restaurants in the United States

 In India, Best Punjabi Restaurants have come a long way over the past several decades in the United State. Indian food is known for its intense flavors, enticing spices, and fragrant aromas. A wide variety of cuisines, each with its regional specialties, can be found throughout the enormous nation. The second-largest immigrant group in the United States, Indians, brought their culture and variety with them. In addition, American Indians have provided them with something very valuable food. Indian cuisine is well-liked throughout the world since it is flavorful.

  • Samosas, piles of naan bread, and chicken masala may be associated with the Best Punjabi Restaurants in the US, but when considered collectively, they offer a considerably greater variety of the hundreds of different cuisines that India and its people have to offer.

To see the 10 Best Punjabi Restaurants in the United States keep reading!

1.Badmaash, Los Angeles

Address: 108 W. 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012,

Phone: 213-221-7466

Gandhi wearing bright sunglasses is portrayed in Pop art-style artwork on the walls, while Mahendro’s menu features variations on traditional Indian fare, such as chicken tikka poutine, which pays homage to Mahendro’s Canadian heritage. On the menu are also numerous dishes that draw inspiration from the street food of Bombay.

  • High ceilings and marble-topped counters are present at this Indian gastropub, which serves street food like burgers and beers. Indian food prepared by Chef Pawan Mahendro, who has more than forty years of culinary experience, is served at Badmaash, a slightly kitschy gastropub in downtown Los Angeles, California.
  • While many people have come to identify Indian restaurants with elaborate tapestries, buffet tables, and soft mood lighting, Badmaash serves Indian food with a brand-new attitude that is both approachable and badass.
  • The Los Angeles-based Indian gastropub, founded by Pawan Mahendro and his sons Nakul and Arjun, combines traditional flavors with current gastronomic innovation. Guests can anticipate authentic specialties like a lamb burger with paprika mayo and bottles of Thums Up.

2. Punjabi Dhabha

Address: 4566 US-287, Alvord, TX 76225, US

Phone: +1 817-506-5100

Punjabi Dhaba in Vernon is the place to go if you’re missing “Punjab ka khana” while living in Texas. It welcomes you with a quirky environment fusing Indian and Texan elements, hidden away in a small truck stop on the outskirts of town.

  • The restaurant serves delicious North Indian food to travelers who are not truckers and stop in while traveling.
  • Must-eats different varieties of parathas, a Punjabi specialty are must-eats here. A combination of mixed gobhi, and aloo parathas with butter on top, delicious chilled yogurt, and a dollop of crunchy Indian pickle are available.
  • The must-order dishes are dal makhani, chicken curry, tandoori chicken, dal, aloo gobhi, and sweet & salty lassi.

3. Bollywood Theater

Address: 2039 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211, US

Phone: 971-200-4711

The Bollywood Theater offers locals and visitors alike the chance to travel to exotic India without having to buy a plane ticket and is routinely regarded as one of the best Indian restaurants in Portland, Oregon.

  • Chef Troy MacLarty fell in love with Indian food after visiting the country, and he now offers a menu of mouthwatering meals at two locations in Portland. The majority of his recipes get their inspiration from Mumbai’s culinary scene.

4. Punjab Palace

Address: 109 Brighton Ave, Boston, MA 02134, US

Phone: +1 617-254-1500

Northern Indian food Classic meals with spicy options in a spare space with a screen for Bollywood films is the go-to establishment in Allston. The United States has hundreds of Indian restaurants and thousands of other attractions.

  • Its extensive menu offers vegetarian options in chicken, fish, lamb, and goat dishes. Here, you should have the fish jalfrezi or the lamb paneer masala (lamb and soft cheese served in a creamy tomato sauce) (pieces of fish cooked with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli in a spicy sauce).
  • Indian cuisine is highly regarded by locals and tourists, who indulge in mouthwatering delicacies ranging from traditional fare to modern fusion cuisine. The country’s many Indian eateries are introducing a delicious fusion of regional cultures from Indian hand-me-down recipes, and local influences to the American dining scene.

5. Rasa

Address: 209 Park Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010,

Phone: 650-340-7272

Since its establishment in 2014, RASA has been offering a fresh take on dining in Burlingame, California, all the while showcasing a culinary prowess that honors the country’s lengthy culinary heritage.

  • The owners of RASA traveled all along the Indian coast, from Hyderabad to Kerala and beyond, to create the menu by fusing the best dishes and flavors from the many parts of the nation.
  • Dishes on the seasonally-inspired menu use fresh seafood, meats, and produce from regional vendors that are ethically and regionally produced as part of a dedication to offering creative options made with sustainable resources.

6.Vik's Chaat Corner

Address: 2390 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710,

Phone: 510-644-4412

Locals in Berkeley, California frequent Vik’s Chaat Corner for its tasty, crunchy, and crispy Indian cuisine.

  • Vik’s Chaat has been providing food from various locations in India for more than 25 years. The word “chaat,” which means “to lick,” can refer to both street food meals and the dishes that make up the majority of the restaurant’s menu.
  • Daal, roti, and several traditional South Indian dishes including uttapam and dosa are available for purchase at Vik’s Chaat Corner. On the menu, you can find a little bit of everything, including pani puri and aloo tikki.

7. Annapurna Cafe

Address: 1833 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122,

Phone: 206-320-7770

In Seattle, Washington, is a unique basement-level restaurant The Annapurna Cafe. The restaurant appears to make up for its dining room’s lack of natural light with some of the best Indian food in the area and friendly service.

  • The slow-cooked lamb curry and the tikka masala are two of the Annapurna Cafe’s outstanding menu items, along with many other traditional cuisines from Tibet, Nepal, and India.
  • The Yeti Bar serves unusual cocktails and delicacies from the Himalayas and Nepal and is upstairs. Except for Monday, the Annapurna Cafe is open every day of the week.

8. Awadh India Restaurant

Address: 2584 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220,

Phone: 614-914-8884

Awadh India Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, combines modern and traditional cooking styles.

  • The mouthwatering cuisine in this location combines regional, distinctive flavors with the subcontinent of India’s traditional cuisine.
  • An Indian-educated culinary chef creates subtly scented and genuine cuisine, which is presented to visitors in a stylish but relaxed setting by staff who are schooled in eastern customs.

9. Bombay Darbar

Address: 2901 Florida Ave, Miami, FL 33133,

Phone: 305-444-7272

One of Miami, Florida’s best restaurants, Bombay Darbar, is located in the neighborhood of Coconut Grove. With authentic Indian delicacies like chicken biryani, mango chicken curry, and lamb rogan josh (boneless lamb in a tomato sauce), this 34-seat restaurant packs a punch in Miami’s culinary scene.

  • A good assortment of cocktails, wines, and beers—some of which are imported from India—are served in the vibrant bar at Bombay Darbar.
  • Visitors can unwind in the seating area while potentially watching Bollywood music videos on the bar’s televisions.

10. Dil-e Punjab Deli

Address: 170 9th Ave, NY 10011,

Phone: 212-647-9428

The Dil-e Punjab Deli in New York, New York, is an excellent option for locals and tourists who enjoy the various rich and bold flavors of Indian food.

  • Both vegetarians and vegans can enjoy the fantastic dining experience that the restaurant wants to offer.
  • Fresh ingredients are used in the cooking at the Dil-e Punjab Deli to preserve the characteristics of Indian cuisine and to give each dish on the menu a flavorful punch. These ingredients include mint, ginger, cilantro, garlic, and more.


There are a thousand places to visit in the USA and hundreds of Indian restaurants. Indian food is highly demanded by residents and visitors alike, who partake in delicious dishes ranging from traditional to contemporary fusion fare. Indian restaurants around the country are getting the blend of regional traditions from India, hand-me-down recipes, and local influences to the American dining scene.

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